Omega Investigations & Consulting, LLC , owned and operated by a retired Maryland State Trooper, is a licensed, bonded, and insured full-service private detective agency. Our staff is highly trained in planning and management of all aspects of investigations including but not limited to preserving and analyzing physical evidence, interviewing witnesses, victims, and suspects, and case documentation and court testimony.


When a client selects OIC they are benefiting from the entire Omega staff and the extensive support it provides. Our approach is professionalism, determination, and confidentiality in the investigative process. We are dedicated professionals with a high-caliber work ethic and uncompromising personal integrity.


Service Guarantee

OIC will conduct the investigation in a discreet and unbiased manner. OIC will keep and maintain all information obtained strictly CONFIDENTIAL, except as required by law, no information from reports will be revealed to the person reported on or to any other persons unless consent is given by Client.



  •     National Association of Professional Investigators, Inc
  •     Background Screening and Due Diligence Professionals