The Boanerges Group’s single objective is to unite security experts that provide the highest standards and techniques of risk and threat management with an equally high level of professionalism and ethics. This collective can provide its clients with a 360-degree comprehensive protective sphere against any possible risks and or threats.


Boanerges Group experts and their security firms adhere to the 4 principles of protection:

  • Tenacity;
  • Integrity;
  • Zeal, and;
  • Willingness to sacrifice.


We are like-minded professionals that are devoted to this philosophy.


Knowing that your security professional is a Boanerges Group member should provide you with peace-of-mind service that is supported by an elite organization with over 50 years in law enforcement, military and private-sector experience.  This group’s experience provides its clients with:

  • An expansive suite of services
  • An elite cadre of protection specialists, investigators and instructors with a reputation for skill, dependability, and reliability
  • A global network of protection specialists pre-qualified to provide services


Below is a list of the Boanerges Group’s elite security firms:








A comprehensive training program with an experienced approach to personnel protection and its training; focusing on creating an adaptable mindset through a stair step approach to skill and tactics development.









A full service executive protection and security consulting agency.








A licensed, bonded, and insured full-service private detective agency.